15 Hilarious–Sometimes “Politically Incorrect”–Richard Sherman Memes

Despite an awesome win by the Seattle Seahawks (our team) at the NFC Championship, everybody was talking about Richard Sherman‘s painfully awkward interview with Erin Andrews.  Andrews was doing her job, conducting her little interview asking about the final play, when Sherman lets loose on the San Francisco 49ers’ Michael Crabtree for “talking” about him.  

Naturally, the internet did not wait long to get to work on the epic roasting of Sherman.  Despite Crabtree’s epic screw up, he doesn’t have a shit load of memes roasting him on the internet and social media.  Either way, we picked the Richard Sherman memes that literally had us in tears.  Check them out below:

Gandalf Sherman

Someone should have showed Colin Kaepernick and Crabtree this meme, and they probably wouldn’t have tried that last play…  No shade to Colin.

Welp, there go the post-game interviews…

At least one “Based God” ref is a must…

The sincerity is real…

“Braveheart” Sherman

Whoever rendered Sherman as Mel Gibson’s portrayal of Robert Wallace was fucking brilliant.  Day made!

“Predator” Sherman vs. That Unamused Disneyland Girl

I have no words.  Well played, internet.  Well played, indeed!

Pushed to the Broncos

While we like Peyton Manning, we’re still going to root for the Hawks!  Rants be damned!  With that said, why is anyone suprised that in American Football guys are going off in post-game interviews?  Seriously???

What Erin Andrews really felt on the inside

I’d wager that she probably really felt this way.  Oh well, she’s a commentator on the field.  She’s got her big girl panties on.  Her sensibilities don’t need to be that guarded, otherwise she’d be on E! or some shit…

Sherman’s epic WWE Promo

Well, if the NFL ultimately doesn’t work out, here’s hoping Vince McMahon realizes Richard’s incredible potential for cutting great promos.  Oh yeah, brother!  *Macho Man voice*

Hulk Sherman

You don’t want to make Richard “Hulk” Sherman mad.  You wouldn’t like him when he’s mad.  Just ask racist Twitter!

Of course Black Twitter had something to say!


Even Kevin Hart quotes made their way to the memes!

How much more epic would it have been for Sherm to actually say this during the interview?  I would have passed out.  OAN, I do miss good Kevin Hart standups…  That last one was lackluster compared to the others.  I digress…

 “Harlem Heat” Sherman

Just look up that Harlem Heat (featuring Booker T. from the WWE) with “Mean” Gene Okerlund and you’ll get why this is hilarious.  We’re old school wrestling heads here.

Harlem Heat’s Booker T. is not impressed, however…

“Mean” Gene could certainly tutor Erin Andrews on how to handle these things…

Yes, it definitely escalated quickly… Just ask Ron Burgundy.

Dick Sherman has a good ring to–Oh….