20 Beautifully Geeky Rings That Will Blow You Away

From t-shirts to running shoes, you can rep your fandom to the fullest easily.  Take your wardrobe up a level with these jewels crafted with your fandom and geeky interests in mind.

1) Silver Stormtrooper Ring

This silver Stormtrooper ring is a must-have for any Star Wars geek who can’t have enough pieces that will represent their utter devotion to their fandom.  This ring is so beautiful, you don’t even have to be a fan.

2) Super Mario Bros. Ring 

How awesome is this Super Mario Bros. ring?  Seriously!  Usually the Question Block showers down something valuable when tapped, but in this case the Question Block is the prize itself.

3) Zelda Triforce Ring

More Nintendo coming right up!  This Zelda Triforce  men’s wedding ring is your ultimate source of power, and with as sweet as it looks, I doubt you need to be married to rock this piece.

4) Thor/Mjolnir Ring

Just in time for Thor: The Dark World, this Hammer of Thor ring looks like something out of Asgard.  I’d love to see one inspired by Loki… Green is for the money and gold is for the honey.

5) Stargate

Out of all the more popular fandoms now, it’s nice to see a unique, ultra masculine Stargate ring.

6) Harry Potter Snitch Ring

Who knew that the golden snitch used to play Quidditch in Harry Potter would inspire such a beautiful ring, but it did!

7) Green Lantern Ring

There’s nothing overly flashy about this ring, but it is still totally stunning in an understated sort of way, and perfect for showing your affiliation with the Green Lantern Corps.

8) Bat Signal Ring

This Bat-Signal ring is rad enough to make Catwoman want to steal it from right off of your finger.  Batman should keep an eye on his girl…

9) Batman Engagement Ring

Speaking of Batman and Catwoman, this superhero inspired ring would be perfect for when the Dark Knight proposes to Selena Kyle… Of course, you can rock it too.  It’s just that tight.

10)  Doctor Who TARDIS Ring

As a Whovian and Matt Smith fangirl, my fantasies of riding around with The Doctor in the TARDIS (Amy Pond who?) would totally include a romantic scene where the hottest Time Lord ever asks for my hand in marriage and gives me this epic TARDIS ring… A girl can dream, right?  Call me, Matt!

11) Star Wars His/Hers Wedding Rings

I’ve seen a lot of rings and jewelry featuring Princess Leia’s ultimate expression of love for Han Solo, but these his/hers wedding bands are the best by far.

12) Star Wars Inspired Wedding Ring

This epic Star Wars wedding ring is not only amazing from a geeky standpoint, but from an aesthetic standpoint.

13)  Tetris Inspired Ring

I’ll take two please!  This charoite and amethyst ring has Tetris written all over it.

14) His/Hers Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man Wedding Bands

If you’re a geeky couple who are in it for the long haul, there are very few wedding rings that say longevity as well as these Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man wedding rings.  They’ve been a couple for over a decade!

15) Simple Pac-Man Ring

Okay, so you’re not getting married… Try this more affordable option if you’re looking for a ring to represent your love for Pac-Man himself.

16) Optimus Prime Ring

Transformers: Age of Extinction may be 9 months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock your Transformers pride with this fantastic Optimus Prime ring.

17) Iron Man Ring

This silver Iron Man ring boasts an arc reactor on one side and the Avengers logo on the other.  Tony Stark would be pleased…

18) Brass Iron Man Mask Ring

Speaking of Tony Stark, I can’t be the only one to think that he’d totally rock this brass Iron Man mask ring.  Well, make it gold and you’ve probably got him pegged.  As for us plebes, this ring makes one hell of a statement on one’s finger.

19) Three Star Galactic Ring

While not necessarily representing a specific fandom, this galactic ring features three princess cut white sapphires and blue sapphires that will make any (it’s unisex) sci-fi geek’s heart melt.

20) Double Dragon GoT Inspired Ring

As soon as I saw this ring, I instantly thought of the opening credits to Game of Thrones.  Featuring two 18K gold dragons, this gold eternity dragon band is totally Khaleesi approved.

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