31 Days of Horror: Top 5 Comedians Who Went From Funny to Horrifying! – GeekMundo

Funny.  Cuddly.  Trustworthy.  These are just a few words we might use to describe our favourite film comedians. Making people laugh is the name of the game. So when our favourite funny men decide to turn to acting, there is a bit of derision. There are a few who manage to eke out a living in dramatic roles, but more often than not, failure abounds. I’m looking at you, Jim Carrey.

And then, every so often, one of them turns in a performance so utterly craven and horrifying, that it makes us duck under the covers and yell, “Think of the children!”  That’s why we’re counting down the top five comedians to turn utterly horrifying!

5. Christopher Lloyd – Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The last thing a hoagie sees.

Judge Doom’s high pitched voice at the climax of Who Framed Roger Rabbit drove buckets of terror into the hearts of children (and some adults) everywhere in this 1988 flick. Many sought comfort in Jessica Rabbits’ ample bosom and I can’t say I blame ’em. Christopher Lloyd, up until then was never seen as one to go dark side, yet after playing Doom, its almost hard to see him as anything else.

4. John Leguizamo – Spawn

I’ll have the fried Spawn with a glass of Chianti. Ah mes oui!

John Leguizamo made his living providing racially aware comedy to crowds all over the US before branching out into film. Proving his acting chops and dedication to a role, he hunched down to nigh unrecognizable proportions to play the demonic mentor to Spawn as Violator. Leguizamo added palpable and disgusting layers to a character that could have easily have become flat, by masterfully flipping between grotesque and funny.

3. Tim Curry – Stephen King’s IT

Worlds most terrifying ‘O’ face.

As if clowns weren’t quite bloody scary enough, Stephen King just had to go and write It. Tim Curry then single-handedly drove up sales of Pull-Ups with his turn as Pennywise the Clown. Previously, Curry had been hilarious as Wadsworth the butler in Clue, but still managed to lord it over the dark side, since he was Tim Burton’s first choice to play The Joker in 1989’s Batman. I still stay FAR away from storm drains to this day. Thanks a lot.

2. Robin Williams – One Hour Photo

“These contact lenses itch like crazy..”

In a role that flexed a lot of emotional muscle, Robin Williams turn as Sy Parrish tugged at the heartstrings even as he became obsessed by his customers at SavMart. It’s rare that we feel empathy for the ‘villain’ but Sy was so well developed as a character with major issues on account of Willaims’ standout performance, that denial was impossible.

1. Dane Cook – Mr. Brooks

When people think of Dane Cook, most people usually think of him as a stand-up comedian and occasional actor who sticks to oddball, frat boy comedies.  However, he took a turn for the worst as a serial killer hopeful in 2007’s Mr. Brooks alongside Kevin Costner.  The horrifying part about Dane’s performance is his ability to really sell his character as a skeevy parasite.  If he ever stops doing comedy, keep an eye open for serial murders… I got my eye on you, Dane.