5 Creepiest Scenes from Eli Roth's CLOWN Trailer – GeekMundo

I freaking hate clowns.  They are creepy as all hell, and I’d rather buck up on a vampire than a killer, ghost clown.  The trailer for Eli Roth’s Clown takes my disdain for these vile creatures to the next level, especially with five of the creepiest scenes from the trailer.

That  nose…

At this point, if you weren’t aware that shit just got real, this basically confirms it’s about to go down… And not in a good way.  *nervous twitch*

Bro, I don’t think this is a case of pink eye.  Seek an exorcism and a priest, a vat of holy water, and a whole lot of Jesus, because it’s not good.  I repeat, this is not pink eye.  How his wife most likely remained seeing this, I will never know.

Still not afraid of clowns?  On the flip side, am I the only one that totally thinks Roth freaking rocks, but still have questions and concerns?  No?

There is not enough holy water in the Vatican to convince me to get close to this…

Oh, hell no… What. The. Actual. Hell?

Check out the trailer in case you missed it: