5 Swanky Gift Ideas for Minecraft Fans – GeekMundo

    Here at GeekMundo, we’re ultra Minecraft fans.  I’s like the best damned thing since we were shitting in our diapers and had people to wipe our asses for us.  Well, one of the best things.  We won’t go into the others yet.  With that said, we know that you’ve only got a few shopping days left.  Get to it.  Like now.  Here are a few gift ideas that add a little class and swag to your gift list:

1) Minecraft Pick Axe Pendant

This pick axe pendant from Stellor Custom Jewelry would be so very welcome in any fanboy or fangirl’s life, even if they just like all things 8 bit in general.  It is handmade (right here in ‘Murica) from argentium and sterling silver.  Price: $175

2) 8-bit Heart Pendant 

This 8-bit heart pendant would set any Minecraft fangirl’s heart racing.  Cool enough to be featured in a fashion mag, and geeky enough to get love from other fangirls and fanboys alike, this pendant definitely had to make our list.  It is 14kt gold, handmade, and measures 15 x 15 mm.   I literally saw hearts when I saw it.  Just like in the cartoons…  Really.  There’s also a silver version too.  Price: $270

3) Minecraft Fireplace Art

So your fireplace doesn’t work or it’s “for decoration”, give it a geeky, uber nerdy touch with this canvas fireplace artwork from JamesBit.  It will remind you of your chateau(s) in the game where you commiserate with friends about your latest diamond mining expedition.  Price: $90

4) Minecraft Bodycon Skirt

For the gamer/fashionista in your life, this Creeper bodycon mini is hip and geeky.  A perfect combo.  Price: $52.98

5) Art nouveau Creeper poster

This old-timey, art nouveau Creeper poster won’t bore a hole in your pockets or piggy-bank, but is just artsy enough for the artsy fanboy or fangirl to get framed, and put it on their wall.  Price: $4.39