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One of the fun things about the internet is the amount of creativity it elicits from people.  You can find some really good writing on the ‘net, and if you’re a horror fan, creepypastas are good for giving you a little dose of terror.  They don’t need to be long to be effective.  A couple of paragraphs in a good creepypasta and you’ll regret ever reading it.  So here’s what we did…

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We scoured all over the interwebz to bring you some of our favorite, most dread-inducing creepypastas ever written… So, enjoy!  But be forewarned, these might give you goosebumps.  So don’t blame us for not being able to sleep tonight…

Psychosis – One man wonders if his solitude is the result of a vast conspiracy by evil entities, and will do anything to keep them from getting into his room.  Is something going on?  Or is he going mad?  There’s a reason why this a top story.

“…Displaced Persons…” – This is a fresh creepypasta from user silentialpass on Reddit.  People disappear every day, but where do they go?  And who comes back?  One would-be “whistleblower” who is on the run tries to warn us as he tries to save himself.  Here is Part 1 and Part 2.  Trust us, it’s getting good.

Shut That Damned Door! – There are  some doors that should never be opened, and some thresholds that should never be crossed.

“Strange things are happening… In South Korea” – Another new one but the mounting sense of terror is palpable.  Strange things are happening in South Korea indeed.

Not a Bar, THE Bar – You’ll think twice before you tell one of those lame jokes that start with someone walking into a bar.  

I Sat on the Bus – This one’s short, but very effective.

The Enemy – Sentient zombies?  Yes, please.