8 Halloween Mask Ideas Inspired by Miley Cyrus and Her Tongue

Ever since Miley Cyrus let that beast within her mouth loose on the world in her “We Can’t Stop Video” and this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, sticking your tongue out obnoxiously has become synonymous with the “Wrecking Ball” culture vulture.  With Halloween being around the corner, we found the top 8 Halloween masks that reminded us of Miley and that tongue of hers.

1) Creepy White Zombie Mask

via smashing-market.com

Personally, if she’d have performed with this on her face, the VMAs could have gone much better for her. It sure as hell beats actually letting people see your actual face contorted that way.

2) Venom Halloween Mask

via EntertainmentEarth.com

Am I the only one who thinks that she should totally audition to play Venom in some future Spider-Man movie?  Anybody?  Hello?

3) Scary Movie Ghostface Mask

via Aliexpress.com

We know how perfect this Scary Movie Ghostface mask is.  It’s actually pretty reminiscent of that coked out Teddy Bear bodysuit she wore when she performed.

4) Lecherous Bill Clinton Mask

Via Ebay.com

Do we really need to explain all of the reasons why this just works?  It’s got all of the creepiness of her last couple of videos and appearance.

5) Nasty Old Man Halloween Mask

via Aliexpress.com

I actually shuddered when I saw this… I have no words.  I’m still pretty traumatized.

6) Tortured Ghoul Mask

via Aliexpress.com

The angle of the tongue in this mask is damn near perfect!  Oddly enough, I think this face is more reminiscent of my face after watching her on SNL last week.  Oddly enough, her singing was on point and that acoustic cover of “We Can’t Stop” was a nice touch.

7) Actual Miley Cyrus Halloween Mask

via ButYoureLikeReallyPretty.com

The artist responsible for this creation above is doing the internet RIGHT!  I’m only mad that I didn’t think of it first.  Want a cheap mask (it’s free!) but want to stick that tongue out while leering at people on the street?  Download this baby from the website!

8) Skeleton Ghoul Mask

via skeletonsandmore.com

This one is absolutely disgusting and torrid, but again, the angle on the tongue was just so spot on, it had to be on the list.

Did we miss a mask?  What masks would you have chosen?  Let us know below or on the GeekMundo Facebook page!