A. Zombie Campaigns To Bring AMC Channels Back to DISH | Geek Mundo

Here’s candidate A. Zombie’s views on “key” issues:

A. Zombie on Jobs:
“I’ll strive to increase America’s workforce…even if it kills me again.”

A. Zombie on Health Issues:
“I am pro-Zombiecare. Don’t be caught dead without it.”

A. Zombie on Foreign Policy:
“Until we solve the zombie-viewing crisis here in America, there’s no need to think about foreign policy.”

A. Zombie on the Environment:
“Four words: reduce, reuse, recycle, reincarnate.”

A. Zombie on the Economy:
“The average American family has a lot on its plate. But frankly, nothing good on its DISH.”

A. Zombie on Education:
“I heartily support No Zombie Left Behind.”

These are pretty hilarious! I can’t lie. But all jokes aside, it’s about bringing AMC channels back to Dish tv. When you go to the website and follow the link to learn more, you’re taken to KeepAMCNetworks.com so that you can find out which network to move to or info on contacting Dish Network. We have Dish, and I’m sitting pretty for now. But come October, I’m going to need AMC back for ‘The Walking Dead’. Just saying…

No Zombie left behind? *chortle* I see what you did there A. Zombie.

Via AZombieforpresident.com and MovieViral

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