Aliens Plot World Domination in Image Comics' THE SAVIORS

One minute you’re an average guy working at the gas station, and the next, you’re trying to save Earth from evil aliens.  The Saviors hits comic book shelves this December, but you don’t have to wait until then to get an in-depth look at Image Comics‘ irreverent, new comic.  Check out the rundown below:

In THE SAVIORS, debuting in December from Image Comics, writer James Robinson (Earth 2, Starman, The Shade) and artist J. Bone (The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror, The Spirit) introduce us to Tomas Ramirez. He has a nice job at a gas station, the cops don’t give him any trouble, and the weather’s nice. Life is easy, and Tomas likes easy. But when he stumbles upon an extraterrestrial conspiracy to take over the world, his life becomes anything but easy. He’s thrown into a fight for the future of the Earth against an unstoppable threat, and his only hope is to find allies before it’s too late.

A story that starts small before ballooning into a worldwide conspiracy, THE SAVIORS is Robinson’s return to creator-owned comics after several years away, and he’s ecstatic at the freedom and storytelling possibilities that comes with owning your work.

“It’s great to be doing a series where anything goes. Where a character can seem the main focus for several issues only to die suddenly,” said Robinson. “Where an arc can end and another begin in a different part of the world with a different cast and focus. Where an up-coming arc might even focus on the aliens’ perspective. To be able to do something with so very few rules is very liberating and a lot of fun.”

J. Bone is similarly excited for THE SAVIORS: “I’d always wanted to draw a horror/monster book in my cartoon style, but told as a straight up scary story. After some long phone calls and email exchanges, James came back with a terrific Monster in the Desert story that just hit me right in the nostalgia. I love old black-and-white horror movies—guys in rubber suits, teens racing through the desert on dune buggies and convertibles. The old sheriff called in because someone’s killing all farmer Jones’s cattle. That’s the kind of story James wrote except with quite a few modern twists.”

THE SAVIORS throws ordinary people into extraordinary situations, pits them against unkillable lizard monsters, and does it all with the aid of a fun, cartoony art style from Bone and crisp dialogue from Robinson.

THE SAVIORS #1 can be pre-ordered now from the October issue of Previews (Diamond Code OCT130447) and will be in stores on December 26. THE SAVIORS will be the only title shipping from Image Comics on the week of the Christmas holiday.

This sounds pretty cool.  I like the “average” guy story line.  I can see how this will resonate with the fanboys and girls.