ALPHAS S2E5 Preview Clips; 8 ALPHAS Powers You Wish You Had!

Here’s a synopsis of tonight’s episode, “Gaslight”:

Episode #: 205 Episode Title: “Gaslight”

Episode Synopsis: Rachel is kidnapped and the culprit may be an Alpha in a comatose state. Guest starring Connor Price, Noah Reid and Lauren Holly.

Plus, check out the eight ‘Alphas’ superpowers most of us wish we had in this cool interactive mag. Click on each superpower to see what each ability can do:

Following the popularity of memes, Syfy took a page out the internetz (like Showtime at Comic-Con) and created some pretty hilarious ‘Alphas’ memes. Check them out on the Geek Mundo Facebook Page and tell us what you think!

Hat tip to Brian!

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