Aspen Comics Soulfire (Vol. 4) Issue 3 Review – Geek Mundo

In Aspen Comics’ third issue of Soulfire Vol. 4, Grace is consumed by a poisonous darkness that sees her destroying everything in her path. Check it out!

Here’s a quick synopsis for Soulfire (vol 4) #3 to get fans and noobs to the series primed:

Michael Turner’s epic fantasy adventure surges forward into a new era!

Infected by the poisonous sickness plaguing her body, Grace’s dragon manifestation of fire and chaos devastates the city of Rome, while Malikai and friends come to grips with the harsh reality that something unthinkable must be done in order to stop her. Meanwhile, Sarin’s rule begins to strain under the weight of his own agenda—as his decisions lead to deadly results for those closest to him!

From veteran SOULFIRE scribe J.T. Krul, and featuring the amazing art of Michael DeBalfo along with fan favorite colorist Nei Ruffino, this is the SOULFIRE tale three volumes in the making! New and returning fans will NOT want to miss out as the biggest SOULFIRE story ever told continues right here!

(via Press Release)

First I am absolutely in love with the stunning dragons in the first few pages of the comic. The dragon Ansu is the god of light, while the dragon Ethu is the god of darkness, and they are both rendered with such attention to detail and exceptional color that you’ll find yourself staring at each and every aspect of each dragon. The colors in Soulfire #3 are vivid and the violence contained within the pages seriously pops out at the reader.

You will not get a warm, fuzzy feeling reading Soulfire #3 and that’s okay.  At this point in the story, all hell has literally broken loose. Grace is hellbent on destroying Rome and everyone living in it. In one poignant page, the destruction she unleashed on the city can be seen from space. Unfortunately, if she isn’t stopped it won’t stop there.

All is definitely not as it seems, and I found myself questioning Sarin and his real motives. He’s an imposing figure with bat-like wings, but the facade, build and armor of an angel. Instead of focusing on saving his friends or trying to stop Grace so that others don’t get hurt, he seems intent on showing Malikai up. Whose side is he really on?

If you haven’t read the Soulfire series before, while you’re at the comic book shop, stock up. It will be a bit of a challenge to read Soulfire #3 if you are going into it without a good understanding. This is not to say it’s impossible.

For me the colors were vibrant, and although she’s under a spell, Grace was drawn amazingly. The end will leave readers chomping at the bit for the next issue to see Soulfire. I won’t spoil it for you, but friends must rally around one of their own while dealing with the powers of destruction Rainier and Grace have been so quick to employ for their own agendas.

Look for Soulfire #3 in stores December 12th and tell us what you think!