Awesome FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Fan Art – GeekMundo

There was a time where I would stay up late or wake up early so I could watch Fullmetal Alchemist on Adult Swim.  I’m particular about my anime, but Fullmetal had my complete and rapt attention from the very first time I saw it. I have some catching up to do because it’s been a minute, but to be honest, I took a breather because it was so dark.  Still, I haven’t completely marked it off the list, and I’d still consider myself a fan of the series.  That’s why I am super excited to share this awesomely well-done fan art featuring homunculi Lust and Greed, and the Armstrongs via artist Changha Lee.

No joke, of all the homunculi on Fullmetal Alchemist, Gluttony was the worst.  Envy was a close second, but Gluttony was a freaking terror in my mind.  *shudders*