Awesomely Dark Le Grand Cahier (The Notebook) Trailer Debuts

What would you be willing to do if you were living in a war torn country filled with average people doing inhumane things?  Oh, and you’re a kid.  The Notebook (officially titled Le Grand Cahier) presents viewerss with twin brothers who do what needs to be done by any means necessary without blinking an eye.  And they don’t need your hugs, applause, or your appreciation.  Director Janos Szansz’s film adaptation of Agota Kristof’s novel of the same name brings Kristof’s tale about corrupted childhood to life, and the trailer alone is a work of art in itself.  I need to see this movie…  And I must own the books.

Set to the tune of Beethoven’s  Symphony No. 7 (MY FAVORITE!!!), this trailer captures the potential for depravity by the twins very well.  Watch:


It is the adaptation of the worldwide bestseller by the Hungarian-born Swiss author Agota Kristof.  A postmodern antiwar drama, an oppressive parable about what war does to children. A fascinating and horrible story about innocent but cruel children.