Bad Link Ruins Comic-Con 2012 Chances For Many; We Got In Though!

If you are reading this and you are one of those lucky people (or tech savvy people) going to San Diego Comic-Con 2012, congratulations! You are in despite that hellish dmanalytics link that screwed up so many San Diego Comic-Con 2012 attendance hopes and chances. I want to give a special shout to Android, HTC, and #TEAMANDROID because had it NOT been for my HTC MyTouch, we would have been screwed too! We got in for our FIRST year! However, it didn’t start out looking so good for us…

We went to bed late, but we got up early. I was up at 7 am and @jonnyqball 79 was up at 7:45. We head downstairs to the kitchen table to set up a command post. We have all our little gadgets and we are waiting patiently for the it to be 8 am because according to CCI, any clicking before then and we are hosed. Okay, no problem.

As soon as 8 am hits, we click on the link. I think that at 8:00:01, I had clicked the link, I was that on top of it. Nothing happens. It kicks me out. Qball, the same thing. We keep clicking and nothing is happening. This goes on for about three freaking minutes. This is a lifetime when it comes to buying tickets for something as massive as San Diego Comic-Con 2012. This is HUGE! I’m cursing like a sailor, getting ready to cry and then I get the bright idea to use my phone. I follow the link on my phone and was able to get in line at 14000. It took about 45 minutes for me to buy tickets. As insurance, I had my computer in line but it was at like 20000 by the time I got in there. Hubby was at 20000 and his phone wasn’t working for whatever reason.

My phone was able to accommodate purchasing the ticket and refreshed as it should. So, #TeamAndroid for the win! The problem I had was people buying a grip of tickets for their cousins, baby mothers, grand-uncles, and their cousin’s sister’s baby’s friends. So even though I was in there buying MY ticket and about to buy hubby’s, as I’m in their buying, Saturday tickets disappear. SERIOUSLY? If they would have just let you buy the damn tickets by selecting the quantities in one sitting, then it would have been good. Now we have to fight it out for resale tickets so hubster can get in for Saturday and I won’t be going alone. But it’s cool though. We’ll make it. Trust me on that.

If you followed me on Twitter (@SeattleSlim), you would have caught me live-tweeting the fiasco as it happened:

Oh, it wasn’t over, though. Angry Comic-Con vets who didn’t get in or noobs who wanted to get in, took to CCI’s Facebook page to give them a piece of their minds.

Personally, I liked the system. I heard about the horror stories last year and was really just praying for a miracle to get in this year. However, obviously something is wrong when I can’t get all the tickets I need for me and my husband in one setting. Seriously, people had several different people going in for them. Come on, now. I was within seconds of getting my husband his Saturday tickets and fuck all. So yeah, we will be on that resale like white on rice.

I get why people are and were mad. CCI wasn’t updating these people fast enough, with many waiting over ten minutes to try something else. A few of us were tweeting and updating FB on the CCI page, but you can’t make people check that stuff. Which I hope they do in future. I had to come up with a contingency plan. With that said, they were screwed because, honestly, the way it was set up, if you go it in after 8:10 your four day preview chances were done and your other chances to go rapidly disappearing.

So, we are going to get started on our Road to Comic-Con posts. We’re hoping to attend Emerald City Comic Con and we are confirmed to be at San Diego Comic Con so, let’s do it!

Share your horror stories with us here!!!