Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer: Top 5 Moments

Warner Bros./YouTube

Yassssssssss!  The brand new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice finally dropped and it was totally freaking awesome.  There was shade, there was humor, there was fighting, and Supes (Henry Cavill) doing his heat vision thing in the rain… It was definitely worth the wait and it’s the best trailer to date.

Batman throws shade at Superman

Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) shows up looking like a million bucks–which is easy when you’re worth billions–to a gala event hosted by Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) who clearly threw the bash to be petty.   Superman, there as Clark Kent, takes the time to ask Wayne some questions about Batman in his own shady manner, but we might as well call Bruce the Shade Knight because he came for Superman and the Daily Planet.

Warner Bros./YouTube

Superman just being great

Oh, it’s just another day for Superman… When you work shoulders, you use dumbbells at your local gym.  When Supes does shoulders, he lifts rockets.  Do you even lift, bro?

Warner Bros./YouTube

Joker will not let Batman be great

Even though it lasted all of a few seconds, there was a quick nod to Joker which only made me want to see Suicide Squad more and hints at great things to come.

Warner Bros./YouTube

Superman is officially pissed

After blasting the hell out of Superman, Batman’s about to figure out what a hot dog in a microwave feels like.  Talk about hot and bothered.

Warner Bros./YouTube

Wonder Woman comes through with girl power

While I’m still underwhelmed with Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (I explained why in this post), she definitely did her thing in this scene.  After Doomsday decides to light the place up like an atom bomb, she jumps in to save their butts from being roasted and possibly saving their lives.

Warner Bros./YouTube

How does the new trailer compare to Captain America: Civil War?  I still think Civil War had the better trailer (The feels!  Black Panther! Bucky!) but Dawn of Justice is clearly nothing to laugh at.  It’s going to be a good year for geeks next year.

Watch the trailer:

And for comparison purposes: