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Brian Stelfreeze via Ta-Nehisi Coates/The Atlantic

A few months back award-winning author and columnist at The Atlantic Ta-Nehisi Coates was tapped by Marvel to write their new Black Panther comic and now we have a first look at some concept art featuring T’Challa and some ideas for his iconic costume.  Let me tell you guys right now, I’m already amped up.  I have been a fan of Coates for many years now and many of his essays and columns have kept me sane in trying times.  I could only hope to write as poignantly as he does.  If you’re not familiar with his writing, get caught up but if have no fear Black Panther is in good hands.  Coates’ book Between the World and Me is considered a masterpiece by some.

Earlier today, Coates shared some early sketches by artist Brian Stelfreeze along with his thoughts on the project and what it has been like to work on it with Marvel.  Check it out:

Brian Stelfreeze via Ta-Nehisi Coates/The Atlantic Brian Stelfreeze via Ta-Nehisi Coates/The Atlantic

On new ideas for T’Challa’s Vibranium suit:

After talking back and forth we came up with some new ideas for how T’Challa’s famed Vibranium-weave suit might work—in this case, absorbing kinetic energy and allowing him to fire that energy back out in short energy bursts. “Energy bursts” almost gets it wrong—think “force-push” not “optic blast.” All the old powers are there—enhanced senses, agility, peak-human strength, etc. But this idea (and others) really came out of Brian’s thoughts—not just on the suit—but on the properties of Vibranium itself.

On his approach to the Black Panther project:

1.) Read a ton of back issues and try to think about what I find interesting (Ramonda) and what I find less interessting (M’Baku.) 2.) Get a detailed outline done of all the issues I was contracted to write. 3.) Write those scripts early in order to give Brian, and my editors, a chance to tell me what I am doing wrong. 4.) Revise the outline regularly, as events (and finished scripts) dictate a need to change. That has been the plan. Having a plan doesn’t guarantee success. But not having a plan probably guarantees failure.

You can read the rest of his thoughts here.  What do you think of the sketches?  Share your thoughts below or visit the GeekMundo Facebook page and get in touch with us.