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I’ve been waiting for Bloodthirsty #3, out now via Titan Comics, to drop from the minute I read the last word of the previous issue because I knew that we were going to get to the bottom of the strange deaths in New Orleans.  Let me tell you right now, this issue did not disappoint.

We finally find out what Virgil Lafleur’s ill-fated younger brother discovered that ultimately lead to his death, and if you are aware of social issues (and read our interview with writer and creator Mark Landry), then you probably guessed who was behind the his brother Trey’s murder.  Virgil learns that there’s more at stake than just exploiting the city for what it can offer ruthless CEOs and their benevolent plunder, and he must fight for the souls of the innocent before some very powerful people use their wealth and connections to buy them.  Virgil continues to fight using cunning and perseverance, but he also puts his needs for revenge on the backburner when he realizes that what’s at stake is bigger than avenging his brother’s death.

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The themes of race, class, and the exploitation of resources by a privileged few continues to be an undercurrent theme which is even more powerful than just the theme of family, community and heroics.  I’m not sure if Virgil can beat the odds stacked against him in the end, but he’s a hero that I really want to see win when all is said and done.  Those odds are against him everywhere, especially within the ranks of the police who are complicit at most or aware of what’s happening in the city at the very least.  And instead of helping Virgil, they seem more inclined to try to deter him than to actually solve the crimes going on right in front them.

Landry’s writing hasn’t dipped in quality one bit and it is evident in Bloodthirsty #3 that he’s hit his stride.  I loved the layout of this issue and artist Ashley Witter really shines as she adds little details like adding the waves on Mary’s ECG screen to the panels which added to the sense of urgency for her to answer Virgil’s questions.  There are only two issues left and I’m already dreading the end, but I hope that he has something in store for us, and that we get a spinoff or another story arc for Virgil that’s just as exciting as this one.