BOARDWALK EMPIRE Hot New Teaser Trailer 'Kings'

Here is the Teaser trailer for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire Season 4 titled ‘Kings’. I really do not know how HBO keeps doing better every season on Boardwalk Empire and keeps getting worse with its other hits Game of Thrones and True Blood. Boardwalk Empire is keeps upping the ante every season and the deaths are truly shocking. Some of the new faces are Jeffery Wright as Dr. Valentin Narcisse and Ron Livingston as Roy Phillips. Two great actors I hope do their thing on Boardwalk Empire Season 4. Season 4 also stars Steve Buscemi, Shea Whigham, Michael Stuhlbarg, Anthony Laciura, Aleksa Palladino, Paul Sparks, Vincent Piazza, Stephen Graham, Michael Pitt, Michael Shannon, Kelly Macdonald, Michael Kenneth Williams, Gretchen Mol and Paz de la Huerta.

Plot Synopsis: America in the 1920′s. The Great War is over, Wall Street is about to boom and everything is for sale, even the World Series. It is a time of change when women are getting the vote, broadcast radio is introduced, and young people rule the world. On the beach in southern New Jersey sits Atlantic City, a spectacular resort known as “The World’s Playground,” a place where rules don’t apply. Massive hotels line its famous Boardwalk, along with nightclubs, amusement piers and entertainment to rival Broadway. For a few dollars, a working man can get away and live like a king — legally or illegally.