Boardwalk Empire Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Gyp is a Problem!

After last week’s ultra explosive first episode in ‘Boardwalk Empire’ season 3, where a few battle lines were drawn, this week’s episode had a lot to live up to.  Did it?  Check it out in our recap after the jump! *Some Spoilers*

Eli is out of jail and they sent Mickey to pick him up, which in and of itself is a bit insulting.  Nucky is not there to see Eli  Matter of fact, he’s probably with Billie.   Mickey schools Eli on the way of the world now that Nucky is a real gangster.  Eli decides to walk instead of riding with Mickey who then reminds him that NOBODY else is coming for him.  Eli jumps back in and already realizes that his little heyday is over.  He’s at the bottom of the barrel.

Gyp gets an idea while in Tabor Heights, and he grills some poor kid who pumps gas about maps and distance and the location of this place in relation to New York and Atlantic City.  We felt horribly for that poor kid because last episode, so much as talking to Gyp in a certain tone could get you killed.

The sexual tension between Owen and Margaret is so thick you could cut it with a knife.  What I find annoying is that she knows she wants him and he wants her still.  The problem is she is busy trying to be loyal to Nucky who is basically in love with Billie.  Speaking of…

Billie and Nucky have some real chemistry, but he’s up to something when he takes a blade out of the shaving razor she has in the medicine cabinet indicating that she has a man.  Nucky is jealous.

We get some Chalky White finally.  He’s talking to his daughter’s suitor, who just so happens to be so on point as a doctor that without tools he’s able to tell that Chalky is suffering from a mineral deficiency.

Margaret tries to step up to the plate on the board but is denied by one of the women; the same one that miscarried last episode.  She is really trying so hard, but folks seem to have a genuine  issue with here and I find it a bit disturbing.  Margaret is hiding a darkness within her.  Whenever she gives us a little peek, it’s awesome. I want to see more.

There is an odd exchange between Nucky and the guy who plays Milton in ‘Office Space’.  Remus ends up showing up and I’m not sure what the hell is going on but that guy has stacks on stacks on stacks of cash lying around.

Margaret puts her foot up Dr. Mason’s ass for giving her such an attitude.  I mean she really lets him have it.  In a way,  I’m glad for it.  That guy is obnoxious as hell.

Eli gets shade from another sheriff who works for Nucky, or rather gets bribed so that they can move their liquor through Tabor Heights.

Speaking of which, Gyp and his man meets that same sheriff at the diner where they end up having to order spaghetti and coffee, but he seems to want them out of the picture and is extra unfriendly.   He tells them to basically get the hell out of Dodge and sticks around.  Now, I’m thinking Gyp is going to kill this guy but there is treachery afoot.   Can I just say that I love the hell out of Gyp after this scene?  I think Gyp is probably one of the best things to happen to this show since Richard Harrow and Chalky White.  He is the only character that has helped me to get over Jimmy’s death.

Nucky and Arnold Rothstein discuss Manny Horwitz’s murder  and they exchange some accusations before they talk about Billie.  Turns out, it seems, Billie is probably giving the business to Rothstein herself.  Something’s going to happen between her, Nucky, Arnold, and Margaret.  I can feel it.  Will Billie’s potential threatening of her good thing with Nucky be enough for Margaret to bring out the inner gangster moll she has within her?

Eli ultimately comes to work for Mickey after being rejected by his son.   His son seems bitter and angry that he had to lose sections of his childhood while his dad was in jail.  He is the man of the house now and Eli being there is just sort of sad to him.   So Eli is back working for Nucky, only at the very bottom.

Billie seems to get around with many of the men in Atlantic City and Nucky is actually jealous.  I guess they found a new Lucy Danziger.

Chalky’s daughter shows up at the speakeasy he runs with her beau who ends up getting slashed across the face because he tells some guy to watch what he’s doing.  Chalky uses the experience to tell his daughter she doesn’t want to be with a gangster.

Nucky’s guys including Mickey and Eli stop in Tabor Heights to get their fuel, only to find out that Gyp paid off the cops and bought the gas station, the last one ever before they hit their destination to deliver the hooch.  With no gas they won’t make it and there’s a good old hold up when Gyp’s guys surround them.  They end up turning back around with their tales between their legs.

Overall, this episode was pretty strong, but it lacked some of the fireworks of last week’s episode.  Knowing ‘Boardwalk Empire’, it will definitely pick up.

Did you watch last night’s episode of ‘Boardwalk Empire’?  What did you think?  Are you as annoyed by Nucky falling over Billie as we are?  Let us know!