Book Review – 'Beyond Rue Morgue' Brings Dupin to Life

Overall Score 4.2

I really enjoyed reading Beyond Rue Morgue as a newly minted mystery fan and as an ongoing horror fan.  It’s actually pretty well-rounded with some of the best names in horror and fantasy, like Jonathan Maberry and Clive Barker, lending their awesome talents to the book.

There were certain steampunk elements, but there was plenty of mystery and horror for fans of both to be satisfied.  Some stories are crafted so well that you never really see the end coming, no matter how good your ratiocination skills are.  While the book was good overall, some stories weren’t as strong as others.  Still, they were all enjoyable.  Beyond Rue Morgue is the perfect way to spend a rainy day at home while the wind and rain threatens to blow the world outside away.

Check out my book review video where I go more in-depth.  Check out the bloopers at the end too…