Buy Wayne Manor For Only $32 Million: Floor Plan Inside! – Geek Mundo

For a little under $850/sq. ft. you would be able to enjoy amenities like a multilevel garage, 11 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and 150 acres for your superhero training. Your monthly loan payment? Over $150,000 per month. Welp, let me take out my check book.

This luxurious home comes with a private multi-purpose gym and sparring area, designed for extensive cross fitness training and mixed martial arts. When thoroughly exhausted, take a dip in the adjacent pool or relax in the game room with its fully stocked wet bar.
As a technology mogul, Wayne Manor’s former tenant installed next-generation technology throughout the property that includes a media room, perfect for viewing classic films such as Zorro. Buyers anxious to keep their goings-on free from prying eyes can rest at ease, as Wayne Manor contains a house-wide security system that would rival Fort Knox. Simply pick up a phone and be connected to the Gotham City Police Department. (Source)

Click here to see more of Wayne Manor’s amenities and location information. You want to make sure it’s near good schools, right? Now where is Bruce Wayne going to live with Wayne Manor up for sale?

Images via HomeReferenceInfo and Movoto