Literally just tweeted a few minutes ago via Ryan Penagos’ Twitter, the first teaser poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier shows Cap’s bruised and battered signature shield looking worse for the wear.  Or does it…?

According to IAmRogue, Captain America’s new costume is a little less red, white, and blue and a little more silver/grey and blue so this new shield might just have something to do with that.  Still, in the images taken last June, the shield he’s sporting is red, white, and blue… Could the new image signify a change for Captain America in the Marvel movie universe?  

Personally, what I gather from this teaser is that we should expect a modern change in Steve Rogers and Captain America himself as he moves on with The Avengers. If you want more and you’ll be at SDCC 2013 this year, make sure to hit up the Captain America: The Winter Soldier panel in Hall H on Saturday, July 20th.