Comic Review – Aspen Comics' FATHOM #3 – GeekMundo

FATHOM #3 springboards us through an act of genocide, cementing the fact that somebody really has no issues with committing atrocities to further an end. Scribe David Wohl, along with able support from penciler Alex Konat, carve out exposition through necessary exposition which is bounced between Aspens thoughts and Killian’s stony silence.  Aspen is, at this point in her life, extremely reluctant and clearly wants to be in and out. Quick, fast and in a hurry. Unfortunately, things keep taking turns for the worst, so getting home to San Diego will just have to wait.

Is an underwater land slide called a water slide?

FATHOM #3 moves the arc along fairly smoothly, with appropriate pauses to explore subplots involving Chase and another under the Arctic Ocean involving one very bratty princess… but no spoilers!

The interaction between Aspen and Killian is at best stumblingly awkward and at worst painful. At least for Killian. Aspen is a reminder of all he has lost and his new appointment does little to help him hide his pain. Aspen is keyed in on him, noting his emotional withdrawal.

The colours from Beth Sotelo & John Starr give a fullness of form to FATHOM #3 that rounds the art out, even though I found it a bit over blue. But the reality is that most of this issue is spent underwater, so washes of that hue are unavoidable. When we do venture into oxygenated atmosphere, I enjoyed a wider array of colour and the team seem to gel more with each passing issue. Shout out to Josh Reed’s lettering, which although small at times is clear and consistent throughout.

FATHOM #3 delivers where it needs too and I’m positive Wohl’s setups will have a nice payoff later on. Til next time, I’ll be working on an aqua rebreather, in case of a date with Aspen.