Comic Review – BubbleGun #4

BUBBLEGUN #4′s hectic pace and balls out action affirms that the mini-series has found its feet and is soaring high. The characters, while somewhat stereotyped in areas, are all  highly like-able tropes of sci-fi. The energy in this episode is focused largely on Molli’s growth as a team leader with the requisite wisdom on her capabilities being called into question by an unexpected source. Mark Roslan‘s script is blunt and to-the-point, which I normally have an issue with, but because of the blistering pace and high stakes, I’m OK with.

Mike Bowden‘s art for BUBBLEGUN #4 has matured as well. The action could have become manic, but he handles the gunflares, hacking screens and butt-kickings with the grace of McFarlane during his Spiderman run. Minus the microscopic detail. It’s clear and precise, avoiding the ‘messy’ that seems to plague a lot of action/fight panels these days. A good effort, although I would have liked to have seen more mano-y-mano fisticuffs. Just a little too heavy on the gunplay.

BUBBLEGUN #4′s colors have been handled by the double team of David CurielErick Arciniega, who’s individual styles mesh so well, it’s difficult to tell them apart. They both understand the space-age bodysuits materials and render them accordingly. Highlights on bodysuits are tres sexy. Both men keep the colour palette bright and this lends itself to the overall nature of the series. Care is taken in rendering shadows and highlights, especially on the faces of the characters. Dark lining on a bad guys eyes and chin goes a long way in showing malice. A nice effort on the whole.

With the conclusion to this gum-snapping series hitting shelves next month, I’ll be keeping an eye out for cyber-ninjas with an ax to grind.