Comic Review: Revolution Comics' NIGHT STALKER #1 | Geek Mundo

After reading Action Flick Chick’s interview with creator/writer Orlando Harding on his new project, Night Stalker #1, via Revolution Comics, I had been waiting eagerly to get my hands on the first issue. Well, Orlando was kind enough to send me a copy for me to review (thanks!!!) and I was NOT disappointed. Real talk after the jump!

Night Stalker #1 follows the exploits of Dyana, a “blue blooded” demon who hunts other demons who’ve decided to get the hell out of, well, Hell.  These are not nice monsters.  They are not cute.  They are wicked and they look utterly and certifiably dangerous and nightmarish.

When Dyana hunts a warlock/demon who likes girls with light-skin, pigtails, and freckles {Side note: I already know what my cosplay is going to be for SDCC 2012… Just damn.  She was hot), she has to change from her normal look above, to the look below.  So she can change her appearance to get the job done.

One of the funniest parts of Night Stalker #1 was when Dyana, dressed as this pig-tail wearing prostitute, is approached by a car full of guys who won’t take no for an answer.  When she kindly directs them to her manager Azrael, a small, but ultra muscular, red-skinned demon (complete with pointed tail), the car did not simply speed off… It damn near flew off.  I laughed for what seemed like forever.

The subject matter is not light.  It’s serious.  We’re dealing with forces so insidious and deceptive that I sometimes wonder if Dyana knows–even though she is a demon herself–just how ruthless her hellish crew really is.  It is quite clear, at least to me at this point, that she can only trust Azrael and Michelle.

Michelle is another supernatural hunter who reminds me a lot of “Trinity” in ‘The Matrix’ but way more badass in that she’s not human.  I am not sure whose side she’s on, but I think I have an idea.  If I am correct in my hunch that Michelle plays for the “other” team, but is cool with Dyana, that would be super interesting and utterly epic.  I digress.  Michelle’s storyline packs a punch too, and her battle with Death, disguised in the form of a drunk, overweight Latino, is pretty sweet.

The artwork, by David Miller, is good, and you can tell that there was extra detail put into drawing the characters.  As far as storyline, it was brilliant.  It was nothing too scary, but the villains in Night Stalker #1 are not cute or cuddly either.  I love the approach Harding has taken with the idea that these monsters are basically hiding among us and we don’t know any better.  There are really and truly two main characters, so you will be intrigued by Michelle and Dyana both.  I noticed that there was a sprinkling of social commentary as well, especially in the Michelle versus Death scene on the bus.  I thought it was clever and really refreshing.  It’s not over the top or so prominent that the comic stops being amusing.

Again, I did not expect to laugh so much reading Night Stalker #1, but I laughed–not chuckled, but laughed–really heavily in a few parts.  It is a not a pretentious comic book.  It manages to mix serious, horror content with comedy and a very light sprinkling of “real talk”.

By the time I was done, I was ready to pick up #2, but thus far, it’s not available yet.  When it does, I’ll be the first person to buy it because I really need to know what happens next.  GOOD!  That is a damned good comic book.  I’ve read comics where I don’t care what happens.

One last thing, I appreciate Night Stalker #1 because it introduces a new, ultra sexy, super strong, minority character into the mix.  Being into comics, especially looking for comics with characters I can look up to/related to is hard.   I mean let’s face it… I love Thor, but I’d rather sleep with him than BE him.  Everything about Dyana is badass.  For the men, she is absolutely sexy (if you’re into that).  Fanboys will not be disappointed.  Fangirls and geek girls will appreciate Dyana because she takes a beating but gives an even worse beating back.  Her story is one of betrayal as well, by someone she was unquestionably loyal to, and I think it’s safe to say that when she finds out who it is, all Hell is going to break loose.

You can buy Night Stalker #1 at for $6.00 including shipping (which is $3.00).  Check it out and tell us what you think!