Comic Review – Trish Out of Water #2

TRISH OUT OF WATER #2 comes screaming out of the start gate, landing us smack in the middle of her boyfriends betrayal. To say that Trish is ‘all the rage’ would be an understatement as her latent Blue abilities trigger a cataclysmic event, forcing her to get over herself to rescue her least favourite people. A good character development step taken by writer Vince Hernandez. A hero is only as good as his or her choices and Trish displays a conscience when few would fault her for taking the low road.

Subplots abound throughout TRISH OUT OF WATER #2 and it seems like Hernandez calculated that a new series success hinges on getting certain bits of exposition out of the way as quickly as possible.

Doing the right thing burns sometimes

The art duties are handled again by Giuseppe Cafaro and his light hearted approach fits the nature of the issue well. The sketchiness of the art does present an issue in getting across some of the more serious moments in the issue, but it seems to be an unintentional flaw in this particular style. The only other problem I had was that past page 15 through the conclusion, Cafaro seemed rushed. Again, good art takes time and whenever an artist is rushed, the results are less than pleasing.

Oh, you’re not gonna text me back?

The colour palette this go round is more muted than the first issues’ was. Ruben Curto seems to have found his footing in TRISH OUT OF WATER #2, albeit with a few missteps early up. His handling of the blood from Trish’s parents death still feels like flat colouring, lacking depth. Still by issues end, he had rounded out the look of the rogue Blue as far as the pencils would allow.

As text heavy as it gets, this should allow for the real meat of the story to be told from issue #3 onward. Til next time, I’ll be doing the backstroke.