Comics – BUBBLEGUN #1 Review

Fun.  FUN.  FUN!  That is exactly how I felt after blazing through Aspen Comics’  BubbleGun #1. Created and scribed by Mark Rolson (Broken Pieces) with art duties split between Mick Bowden (World of Warcraft) and David Curiel (Avenging Spider-Man), BubbleGun has the format of a typical team-up adventure. You have your cocky rookie Molli, eager to prove her worth to the team, and her older sister, team leader, Devyn.  Roman is the team’s headstrong bruiser and finally, the quiet and evaluating Kyo, pilot and machine tech. The major difference between this and most other team comics is the fact that nobody seems to have any superpowers. Although given the futuristic AD 2113 timeline, cybernetics seems to fill that gap.

We are introduced to the team by way of a cyber-heist in progress in (we assume) a building belonging to InoTech.  As one of the many companies in this universe whose exploits warrant sometimes violent sabotage from its competitors, InoTech is assaulted by a team of mercs, eager to capture and retrieve a special “package” from its headquarters.

This is where we meet Molli, who ambushes the other team, complete with rounds of snappy one-liners that made me chuckle… Until she whips out her weapon, an oversized short-barrel pistol that fires (I kid you not) bubblegum.  Hilarious firefights aside, the bubblegun actually makes sense.  During a heist, the objective is to steal, not kill.  Molli, however, resents the low battle damage while relishing being allowed to participate in the mission.  More than once, we see that she admires her sister’s patience and planning capabilities and I’m sure this will be played up in future issues.

The plan goes off with nary a hitch, but instead of immediately delivering the hijacked ‘box’, they go to a club to celebrate.  Typical teens.  Right there, you know there are 99 problems and a box IS one.  In the midst of their partying, they are confronted by a dubiously bearded man who expresses surly interest in their recent exploits.  He then pays their bar tab and moves on.  We all know that’s never a good sign.

Returning to base, they confirm and renegotiate things with their mentor, Zuse. He seems to have history with the mammoth they encountered at the club, and fills them in.  Zuse struck me as being slightly untrustworthy, or maybe that’s just my wariness of dudes with anime cut facial hair.  Devyn’s curiosity gets the better of her and she opens the ‘box’.  Across town, the mystery man gathers a team of his own to get it back.  Things are beginning to heat up in BubbleGun.

I must say that the art elements work for me, especially the industrial design, it’s right up my street.  The tactile hologram displays and power gauntlet bodysuit styling reminds me of Carlos Pacheco’s run on X-Men. The colours are vibrant and add to the sense of fun that BubbleGun exudes.

As with any new series, this comic reviewer is hesitant to cast judgment just yet. For now, I’m willing to pay my ticket and enjoy the ride. What better way to do that than with a whacky team from the future. I’m going to buy a case of gum and rig up my own bubblegun.  Ignore the explosions.  ‘Til next time!

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