Comics Review – BubbleGun #2

BubbleGun #2 via Aspen Comics wastes no time in throwing a much needed bit of exposition at us as the team’s client explains the origins of the cyber-boy.  Oh, boy.  Safe to say the entire team gets thrown for a loop as he breaks down exactly what his relation to the package is.

The team is then blasted (quite literally) away by a betrayal from the inside that tears them apart and renders Devyn digitally comatose.  Of course, if you had been paying close attention to the events in issue BubbleGun #1, you would have seen this coming a mile away.  Needless to say, Molli takes off after like a bat out of hell, risking her life to retrieve Asher, the cyber-boy and exact vengeance for Devyn.

After a confrontation with the betrayer, who is simply motivated by greed (aren’t they all?), Molli has to beat a hasty retreat as he sets off a self contained bomb.  I imagine he had a serious case of “If I can’t have it, nobody will!” going on. Still, a well-timed rescue prevents our BubbleGun wielding heroine from having to be picked up by a spatula on the ground floor.

Kyo talks her through her guilt about leaving her sister to go chasing after the mole, all the while inching closer to her. We’ve known he’s been sweet on her from the jump, but of course, even after all he has done, he gets friend-zoned in such grand style that I winced and did a facepalm. Can’t win ‘em all, Kyo.

And lest you forget, Caine’s dispatched team of cyber-ninjas is gaining ground on the fractured BubbleGunners, striking poses aplenty as they leap through town. I might have advised them to have taken the bus. You know… It’s quicker.

The art was even more on point this go round as the team of Mike Bowden and David Curiel seem to be hitting their stride. The colours are still vibrant, although the inks and washes have grounded the characters in a less cartoony world. This shows maturity that befits the suddenly serious tone of the recent plot developments.

Again, it is entirely too early to tell if the story by Mark Roslan will put a new twist on the proceedings, so we will just have to wait and see.

Ah, there’s the delivery guy with my mail order  power-gauntlet.  See you next time! Don’t mind my posing.