Comics Review – Fathom #1 via Aspen Comics

Helming Fathom #1 into oceanic mayhem is Witchblade scribe David Wohl. From his name alone, I have really high expectations from this story arc.   Judging from the first panels, I wasn’t  disappointed.  Beth Sotelo (Editor’s Note: Check out Beth’s Grump Kickstarter! Only ten days left! – SS)  is on colouring duty and her touch shows intimate understanding of the way water affects sunlight distribution on marine life.  Great pencils from Alex Konat as well.

The story begins with a couple of snorkelers enjoying the Great Blue Hole in Belize. While exploring its wonders they find themselves witnessing an underwater earthquake… And something else.  They are soon reported missing at sea.

Meantime in Baja, Aspen cleans up an oil rig spill.  She mops it up so efficiently that I thought Greenpeace would be jealous.  After a round of ‘diplomacy’ with those in charge, our heroine returns home to numerous job offers, none of which have anything to do with her skills as a marine biologist, save one.  With her assistant Judith in tow, Aspen meets a Russian gent offering a position aboard a research facility with a caveat.

Deciding to follow up on the odd events in Belize, Aspen helicopters in and sees a massive wall of ice surrounding the area.  She dives in for a closer look.  Could it be the Blue?  Suddenly, she finds herself in the middle of a group of others, but they are definitely NOT Blue.

I’m waiting to see where the story goes moving forward from Fathom #1, and with Wohl’s script, anything is possible. As I wait not-so-patiently for Fathom #2, I’ll don my water wings and paddle in the pool. Til next time!