Comics Review – Image Comics' Reality Check #1

Imagine waking up in the dead of night and not being able to recall anything of a story you wrote.  To make matters worse, your “creation” comes to your front door, asking for your help..

This is the wacky premise of Image Comics’ latest series, REALITY CHECK. The protagonist is Willard Penn, an ordinary bloke with grandiose dreams of creating the next big thing in comic books.

That was one HELL of a hangover.

The potential for comedy is pounced upon, through a sizzling combination of snappy dialogue from writer Glen Brunswick and Victor Bogdonovic‘s true ‘comic book’ art. I found myself cackling at Will’s hapless expressions, particularly during a social faux pas at a local coffee shop.

…Still better than 90% of my dates.

Things take a dark twist though, as the reason for his drive is explained. Thankfully his motive, while necessarily dreary, doesn’t drag down the rest of the story, which strikes a delicate balance of plucky and understated.

Willard’s creation then leaps out of the comic and into his life with a very salacious goal: He needs Willard’s help sort out his woefully mismanaged love life. Turns out that Dark Hour has a bit of a raging libido. Comedy gold.

REALITY CHECK certainly looks like it will be nothing if not entertaining, both for its concept and artwork.  Bogdonavic’s artwork reminds me so very much of the late Mike Weiringo‘s pencils and ink, lending itself wonderfully to the lighthearted tone of the comic.

All in all, a great start to a potentially great series.

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