Comics Review: JIRNI #3 – Will Ara Survive?

Ara and Nylese’s journey is at an end but Ara’s battles have just begun, especially when Torinthal’s d’jinn attacks.  Via Aspen:

Discover a whole new world of adventure! As her companion Nylese reaches the end of her journey while finally discovering the fabled city of her people, Ara's road ahead remains ever perilous. Throughout facing many dangers and threats in her challenging quest, how can she possibly survive Torinthal's powerful and deadly d'jinn, when it comes seeking her end?

In Jirni #3, J.T Krul (Teen Titans, Green Arrow, Fathom, Soulfire)  continues Ara’s story and journey but sees fit to add some more difficult challenges in her way in the way of a massive d’jinn that has been sent to kill her.

Up until that fateful battle, however, Krul waves a seriously engaging story about Ara’s mother and her banishment which ultimately sees her in the hands of the wicked Torinthal.  Jirni is seriously engrossing for the most part, but it slowed down and lost a bit of its “magic” for me towards the end when Ara and Nylese are discovered by the Ontinae, Nylese’s people.  This was primarily because I wanted to know more about Ara and her mother, which is briefly touched upon while Nylese is introduced to her people in Breene.

The art in Jirni #3 is amazing and Paolo Pantalena brings forth really stunning visuals that were like a party for my eyes.  The detail in each character was amazing, showing very careful attention to detail and adding a certain vividness to each character.  The colors were also beautiful; blues, golds, purples, lavenders… Brett Smith really helped to bring Krul’s story and Pantalena’s art to life.

At the end of the story, while we can guess, Ara’s future isn’t certain after her run in with Torinthal’s d’jinn, but there is still a vague sense of hope as she is able to bond, very briefly, when the attack pauses and she takes stock of who the real bad guy is here: Torinthal.

Overall, Jirni #3 (in stores now) continues Ara and her mother’s story well, even with the slight deviation in Breene.  It did end on a slight cliffhanger for me, so we will just have to wait and see what new battle Ara has to face.  I am pretty sure Torinthal will not get away with this.