Comics Review – Legends of the Shadow Clan #3 – Geek Mundo

In Legend of the Shadow Clan #3, things have calmed down in the Himura household: Richard is home, sleeping off his police ordeal, Mrs. Himura is settling back down and the kids are back to ribbing each other as only siblings can.

But peace is fleeting: Wilson (a.k.a. Pogo) is suspicious of Darren’s sudden offline (read: death) status and turns up not only footage of the break-in, but also of airborne drones. Downstairs, Brayden gets a call from his grandfather and sneaks out to meet up with him. Before long, all of the children have exited the house: Brayden to find his grandfather, Pogo tracks the drones and Morgan is off to parts unknown.

The elder Mr. Himura spins Brayden a yarn about a powerful ninja clan in service to a Shogun 500 years ago and drops a bomb. The entire family are descendants of those ninja, accused of terrible crimes against their master and forced to flee. As Brayden tries to wrap his brain around this laughably wild tale, they are forced on the run as stealthy figures drop the lights and attack. Grandpa whips out his special brand of kick ass to get his grandson to safety.

A few blocks away, Mr. and Mrs. Himura hit the panic button when they realize that all of their children are missing. But as soon as they head outside things get worse for them.  Meanwhile,  Morgan gets threatened by a deceitful boy she underestimated at the club.  There are ninja death-squads all around the Himuras.

This reviewer has read enough comics to know that the next issue will be fight time.  And to misquote R. Kelly, “I don’t see nothing wrong with a little” stomp your spine.  I LOVE well choreographed high stakes fight scenes, so let’s hope Legends of the Shadow Clan #4 lives up to the expectations.

I’m going to call Hattori Hanzo to see if he’s finished my katana shaped letter opener and I’ll see you guys next time.