DEAD OF WINTER – Felicia Day, Brandon Routh Fight Zombies

Courtesy: Geek & Sundry

Dead of Winter, an original short via Geek & Sundry, sees five survivors worrying about all the wrong things like who’s going to be a leader and who’s the most handsome man in the world as opposed to, you know, actually surviving.  If you’re familiar with the board game that the short was based on, then you’ll probably get an extra kick out of it.

Felicia Day and Brandon Routh Face the Dead of Winter

Geek & Sundry is kicking off Halloween weekend with “Dead of Winter” IRL, a spooktacular short starring G&S founder Felicia Day (The Guild) and The Atom himself, Brandon Routh (The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow).

Based on the popular psychological-survival board game “Dead of Winter,” this comedy special centers on the most incompetent survivors of the zombie apocalypse and their efforts to find a new leader for their ragtag group. Day and Routh lead the charge, with Jeff Lewis (The Guild), Amy Okuda (How to Get Away With Murder) and Ify Nwadiwe (Key & Peele/ College Humor Originals) also taking part in the horror-ible adventure.

Brandon’s wig though!  *Dead*