Dean Ambrose Battles Dirty Cops in 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown Trailer – GeekMundo

The WWE will not let go of the 12 Rounds film franchise.  I guess it’s a way for the top dudes on the roster to try their hand at coming for The Rock’s wrestling-turned-action film star crown.  Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena have both done very well in movies, but Dwayne Johnson is still the goal and the standard.  Enter 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown starring Dean Ambrose.

Basically, Ambrose plays a good cop who discovers a gang of crooked cops in his precinct are up to no good.  Naturally, they figure out he’s on to them, and they orchestrate a lockdown of the precinct, frame him, and attempt to kill him before he can bring their evildoing to light.  Ambrose has action film star good looks, and the physique, but if the acting in the entire movie is like in the trailer, I’d say he should take more acting lessons.  Ambrose is simply too nonchalant when he should be intense, in my honest opinion.  But, I’ll watch because I’m a smark.

Check it:


WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose makes his motion picture debut in WWE Studios’ “12 Rounds 3: Lockdown” presented by Lionsgate!

Ambrose plays Shaw, a detective that returns to active duty after the death of his partner. When he uncovers evidence linking his fellow officers to a murder, they frame him for a homicide he didn’t commit. Trapped in his own precinct, Shaw will do whatever it takes to expose the dirty cops and clear his name. With twelve rounds in the clip and one shot at redemption, nothing will stand in Shaw’s way in this action-packed thriller.