Diablo Cody's PARADISE – First Official Trailer

Yesterday, we showed you 18 hi-res images from Diablo Cody’s directorial debut Paradise starring Octavia Spencer, Russell Brand, Holly Hunter, Nick Offerman and Julianne Hough.  Today, we’ve got the first official trailer to show you.

I haven’t watched all of Juno, but watching this trailer, I definitely felt Cody’s influence all over what I was able to see.  She definitely has a modus operandi and I think this will be very good for Paradise.  In fact, I’m thinking if you liked Juno, you’ll probably get a kick out of this.  Here’s the trailer:


Lamb Mannerheim was as close to perfect as a young girl could be, at least in the eyes of her fellow churchgoers in the small town of Blakesley, Montana. Home-schooled, talented and unusually beautiful, Lamb had a great relationship with life – until a freak accident left her scarred and questioning the very tenets of the religious upbringing she had so completely trusted.

Despite the protests of her straight-laced parents, Lamb decides a bold move is in order. She will test the boundaries of her faith and seek the truth, no matter where that takes her. Packing her suitcase and boarding an airplane for the very first time, she sets out to experience the real world with all of its reputed sin, hardship and degradation.Her destination: Las Vegas, Nevada.

I actually want to see this and I’ve got to give credit to Julianne.  She looks really good in this.  Hell, the whole cast is a dream.  What do you say?