Emerald City Comicon 2013 – Seattle's Massive Geek Reunion

I went to Emerald City Comicon last year but was there more for pleasure and seeing as how it was my first Con, I was like a kid in a candy store.  I got very few pictures as I was too busy drooling.  This year we loaded up our trusty camera and got to taking a vast number of pictures for you to enjoy so have a looky-loo.

Having gone to San Diego Comic-Con last year, Emerald City Comicon 2013 was much smaller than when I went last year.  You seriously realize the vastness of the San Diego geek-industrial complex when you go to another Con after it.  However, Emerald City Comicon is a pretty worthwhile visit if you can make it and its a hell of a lot less hassle than going to SDCC as witnessed by those who experienced Ticketgate 2012 and 2013.  That in NO way means SDCC is not worth going to, but if you can attend two Comic-Cons, and you want one that is less harrowing and pretty enjoyable ECCC is good for it.

The cosplay was in full effect, but I’d say due to the weather up here it wasn’t as bountiful as SDCC.  I’ll stop comparing the two because they really are two different juggernauts right now, but ECCC could one day be as big as SDCC with the right backing and support.

Taking photos of the cosplay was not as easy simply because cosplayers here traveled in these hard to penetrate packs.  I guess cosplaying at SDCC is like one big catwalk and anyone with a camera is a paparazzo.  I agree because I know I was snapping pics like crazy over there.  At ECCC, it was mostly about the cool stuff you can get there.  The convention center is cool and the layout was nice.  Downtown Seattle was happening and full of buzz; overall a good place to have a Con because everything is right there in the city.

We went for Friday and Saturday, and overall, we liked going on Saturday the best.  There were people everywhere and the Washington State Convention Center where ECCC was held was teeming with geeks of all shapes, races, and sizes. This is Seattle, so yes, I was still one of the few geeks of color representing for the Blerds, Bleeks, whatever the name du jour is.  Seeing a black Iron Man though?  Priceless.  People were generally nice when bumping into each other and there was minimal body odor drama (although I did hit a few musty pockets).

Overall, a real good time.  If you can make it next year, do that.  You really won’t be disappointed.   Don’t go in thinking of it in comparison to ECCC or it will be spoiled for you.  Think of it as going to a badass comic-con and you’ll be fine.  My only advice to make ECCC bigger is to get the cosplayers to show out a little more.  I for one hope to see ECCC rival the Holy Grail of Cons in the future.

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