Featured Cosplayer: Epic Cosplay by Lady D

Every week we will be featuring a new, up and coming cosplayer holding it down for the art of good cosplay.  To start us off right, we’d like to introduce Lady D.

 With a cosign from Marvel for her Misty Knight cosplay and a shout out in the Letters to the Editor of Fearless Defenders, Lady D is already aiming high.  We  asked her a few questions about cosplay, favorite characters and the work that goes into a good costume.

Tell us more about yourself and how you got into cosplay:

My name is Dominique  also known as Lady D. I am a 22 year old cosplayer from New Orleans, LA. I attend the University of New Orleans where I study Theater Arts. I was first introduced to cosplay through friends that invited me to attend Mechacon, a Louisiana anime convention. It was so much fun. The experience inspired me to become a cosplayer.

 You’ve portrayed all sorts of characters from comic book to anime/manga.  Which is your favorite genre to portray in cosplay and why?

So far I don’t have a favorite character, series, or genre. I simply just cannot choose one. With every convention I attend I’m exposed to new characters and genres. This makes it impossible to like just one character, series, or genre.

What is so appealing to you about cosplay?  How would you sum up the feeling of being a part of this community?

Cosplay appeals to me because it combines a lot of my passions and brings them altogether. I like creating costumes and props. I also like watching anime, reading manga, & collecting a few comics. I was raised as an only child so naturally the inviting nature of the anime community was appealing.  Attending conventions and getting to meet tons of people with similar interest is like attending family reunions.  Finally there’s the competition aspect of cosplay. The costume contests are a great way to hone your skills and learn new tricks of the trade. I compete to push craft to new heights.

 Could you tell us a little about your process of creating your costumes?

The hardest part of cosplaying for me is choosing the character. There are so many I want to portray its always a hard choice. I usually aim for lesser-known characters because I want to introduce people to characters they might not be familiar with. Its how I came to love cosplay so I think it’s the best way to interest new people and grow the community. My process starts by making a work schedule. I then start making a newspaper pattern for the character design. Then I go shopping for supplies. Finally I begin to create the cosplay.

 What was your most difficult cosplay to date?

My most difficult cosplay to date was Elise the ‘Spider Queen’ from League of Legends. With every cosplay I like to try new techniques, and this was my first cosplay using worbla, a moldable thermoplastic.  Hard work pays off and I went on to compete and win ‘Best in Show’ at my first Louisianime 2013 cosplay competition.

What attracts you to the characters you choose to cosplay?

Usually I pick characters that are tough with detailed costumes and big props. Anything that lets me create many pieces

You were featured in the Letters to the Editor section of Marvel’s Fearless Defenders (a current comic arc featuring Misty Knight and Valkyrie to name a few).  How did it make you feel to be recognized for your Misty Knight cosplay and what have you liked most about Fearless Defenders thus far?  

I was so excited to be featured in Fearless Defenders! It made me feel like I had truly done the character justice. To be featured in a publication like Marvel for cosplaying one of their less heralded characters was amazing!

Cosplay probably comes with its fear share of naysayers both within and outside of the community itself.  Being a cosplayer of color, what do you think of the current state of cosplay?  Have you ever had to deal with any negativity?

Up to this point I have not had to deal with any negativity. Everyone I have ever come in contact with has been supportive and encouraging. Then again, I have only attended one convention outside of my home state of Louisiana. That convention was Anime Matsuri in Houston, Texas. I have plans to attend DragonCon for the first time in Atlanta, Ga. this fall and I am expecting a positive experience.

You can find Lady D on Twitter and Facebook:

https://twitter.com/ULP_LadyD https://www.facebook.com/UrbanLotusProductions