First Skyfall Trailer Shows Interrogated James Bond

Even though Skyfall, the latest installment in the James Bond franchise, won’t be out in movie theaters until November 9th, the lucky folks at CinemaBlend who attended CinemaCon got a glimpse of what we can expect when that trailer does come out any day now.  Apparently, James is in a compromising situation.  Hopefully it’s nothing like what Le Chifre was doing to him…

The trailer begins with a shot of Bond (Daniel Craig) from behind looking at the city of London. Then we hear someone in a voice-over say the word “Country” and Bond saying, “England.” It seems he is playing some sort of word association game. We then hear the mystery voice say “Gun” and Bond replies “Shot” as we view a target at the end of a shooting range. We then see that 007 is in an interrogation room where he is being asked the questions and being watched by Ralph Fiennes and some other people through two-way mirrors. The man sitting in front of Bond says “Agent,” and the superspy replies “Provocateur.” As more images flash on the screen the word association game continues: “Murder” “Employment.” The music then drops out as we flash back to the interrogation room and the man running the test says. “Skyfall.” After a pause, Bond says, “Done,” and stands up from the table. Another huge montage begins and we see shots of helicopters, giant fireballs causing a mysterious silhouette, shots of the Shanghai nightlife, Bond is standing over a long row of coffins draped with the flag of England, and a subway car crashing through a tunnel wall with incredible force. As the trailer comes to an end we hear Bond say, “Someone is coming to kill us. We’re going to kill them first.”

Ooooh-weeee!  I knew they were going to bring the action in this one.  I can’t wait for this trailer to come out.  Look for it this summer blockbuster season I’m sure.  Quantum of Solace was a bit disappointing for me in terms of action.  Casino Royale was far superior in my opinion.  Hopefully, and it sounds like this is the case, Skyfall will bring back that winning mixture of violence and swag  style

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