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In extremely disturbing and pathetic news, you’ll soon get the chance to make sweet, geeky love to Neytiri, Oola or Serleena (if you’re feeling kinky) thanks to the creepo that brought us the Cathouse. You remember that brothel out in Nevada that HBO made a show about, right? Yeah, that guy.

Lonely sci-fi nerds, listen up: It was only a matter of time following the recent influx of geek-themed porn, but Dennis Hof, the professional pimp and entrepreneur behind the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel seen on HBO’s Cathouse, is about to make your fantasies come true. Soon, in the not-so-distant future (ok, a few months from now), Hof and partner/”chief alien design queen” Heidi Fleiss will open the Alien Cathouse 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas — a legal brothel with a science fiction theme. Bring on the green-skinned Orion hotties!

The goal is to service geeks of all stripes, Hof explained to CBS Las Vegas — “everyone, all the Star Wars fans and Trekkies.” I’m picturing something like the cosplay ball at Comic-Con, only year-round. And more whorish. Hey! Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

The logistics… Ugh! This will go very wrong for someone. Either the poor prostitutes will have some really disgusting creeps huffing and puffing heavily all over them, or these girls will look a hot ass mess and body paint will be dripping everywhere. Either way, if you need this type of tail to have a good time, you’re probably a lot like this guy:


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