FUN TIMES Podcast Ep. 4: Miley, VMAs, Galactus and Image Comics' Chew

We talk more VMA embarrassment, and tell you what comics we’re reading this week and why in our segment called “What Comics Are You Reading?”  and because I’m feeling like crap, I give you a quick book review on Michael Moorcock’s The Warlord of the Air via Titan Books, a must-read for steampunk and steamfunk fans alike, but also great for readers looking for one hell of an adventure.  Let’s put it like this, what if Hiroshima was bombed from a zeppelin?

We’ve got an awesome episode ready for you.  Take a listen and tell us what you think below!

Note: Normally our podcasts are hosted on iTunes, but this baby went over a little too long so it’s solely on SoundCloud.