Game Apps – I AM MT: Card Battle for iPhone Review

If you’re a card battle fan, then you’d do well to download I Am MT: Card Battle (Wrath of Ator) by LOCOJOY, LTD. on iTunes.  Even if you’ve never gotten into card battles, I Am MT is still an enjoyable game.  I’ve never been into battle cards or anything of that nature, but I Am MT: Wrath of Ator piqued my curiosity and interest as I played.

The Good:

I AM MT is a simple game, in the sense that, once you’ve gone through an in-depth tutorial you pretty much know what you have to do moving forward.  I had no clue what I was getting into, but the tutorial proved to be quite concise and understandable without going over my totally n00b head.

Gameplay is pretty much automated.  There will be no screen or button mashing here.  It’s all based on the cards you pick and they do the fighting for you.  I admit that I found it very easy to succeed in the first level.  In fact, it’s quite easy and not much of a challenge.  I also hadn’t bought any runes–the in-game currency needed to purchase more perks–to aid me.

Where you really want to look at purchasing runes will be from the second level and above.  I actually liked that I was given the opportunity to really get into the game first before being pushed into purchasing runes.   You will pick one character out of six, but ultimately you will battle various evil forces with a crew featuring a card that will belong to another player (you can invite that player after the battle is won).

The battles are vibrant, with all sorts of shots and spells fired throughout the game.

The Bad:

While I Am MT: Card Battle is a fun game, the automation can be a bit discouraging for more hands on players.  The prospect of simply rearranging cards may not seem as fun to players looking for a more intense experience.

Overall the graphics were slightly cartoony, but it wasn’t anything terrible.

The Bottomline:

If you’re into a more hands on experience in your game apps, then I Am MT might not be the best choice.  However, if you’re looking for a more casual experience, I Am MT is right up your alley.