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Here are the  details from the Masthead Studios team:

Masthead Studios, today announced that their cartoon-style shooter Guns and Robots for is now available for digital download on PC through  Steam. Players get a discount of more than 30% off the available Starter Pack.

The Game

Guns and Robots is free to play online third person shooter. The game brings robot action with massive customization. Players get cartoon bright 3D graphics in attractive environments and challenge each other in open arenas. Players begin their thrilling experience through the game by creating a robot. Modification takes place in the garage where players can assemble their bad ass robot creations. Guns and Robots features unlimited ways for players to customize their robots and upgrade them. All items are upgradable in the Tech Tree where players can upgrade up to ten times their arsenal. They can also paint modules or parts of their creations and choose from rich palette of available colors.


Outfitted with wide variety of weapons, chassis, bodies players immerse themselves in cartoon atmosphere where robots dominate open arenas. The Arenas are strewn with places to duck behind and goof around, a lot of exciting explosive places where players blast their way through. Some of the arenas provide places to jump and maneuver through different terrains which makes building a robot an essential part for players’ gameplay style later in battle.

Players are able to line up for several game modes and play on six maps that are available at the moment. The team is working hard on delivering new content, new maps and game modes. You can check the detailed roadmap we set for Guns and Robots here.

Adrenaline pumping battles are assured via variety of devices – turrets, shields, mines, ability to pinpoint enemies with multiple weapons simultaneously, various boosts throughout the maps, ability to run, hover, maneuver, jump in the maps. Guns and Robots features many achievements for players and we are hoping soon to host new unique game events for players to win amazing prizes.

Release Information

Guns and Robots is available completely free-to play, with opportunities for cosmetic upgrades and options for shortening time-consuming activities. Guns and Robots Starter Pack is available for purchase, which is ideal for new robot-fighters who are looking to get a quick start in the action. This new player offer contains 1000 Sparks and 150 Upgrade components for $9.99.

Join the action, now on Steam!