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via Artsy/Peter Blake

Most of us have either been lucky enough to go to a con, while others just have to sit back at home and watch, but we all know it’s usually a bunch of people dressed as their favorite superheroes.  Artist Peter Blake comic cons to the next level in his 2013 inkjet and glaze on canvas piece London-Piccadilly Circus-The Convention of Comic Book Characters.  The piece is crawling with comic book characters from strips and comics like Peanuts to Spider-Man and Iron Man, but it’s the representation of Superman and Wonder Woman that really catches the eye.

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via Artsy/Peter Blake via Artsy/Peter Blake

To be honest, it looks just like going to a Con.  The piece is not cheap, so unless you have £7,500 – 10,000, you’ll have to admire it from afar.  There are only eight pieces and they’re large enough to make a statement, that’s for sure.  I would love to own one of these.  I grew up reading comic books and strips so this is right up my alley.  Alas, if I was a rich girl, la da da da… You know how it goes.