Geek Halloween: The Top 15 Geeky Pumpkins You Will EVER See!

Yeah, we’ve got tons of cons like New York Comic-Con and San Diego Comic-Con to get dressed up for, but Halloween is a great opportunity to let that geek flag fly.  We scoured the internet to find the top geekiest, nerdiest pumpkins and decided on these 15 ultra geeky pumpkins!  Check ’em out after the jump!

1) Pokemon

via Walyou

2) Death Star

via Fictus 

3) Dalek pumpkin: Victory through extermination!!

 via TrayF

4) Lord of the Rings

via GOTD

5)  Game of Thrones

 via Flickr

6) Death Star with laser beam!

via Reddit

7) Cylon

 via EVS

8) The Walking Dead

via BT

  9) Halo 3 

via Ranker 

10) Captain America

via Flickr

11) Spider-man pumpkin

via aaanything

12) Batman/The Dark Knight

 via Reddit

13) Predator 

via Reddit

14) Loki Laufeyson

via SomethingKindofStrange

15) The Joker

Found any pumpkins/jack o’lanterns you think we should post about?  Let us know!  Shoot us an email at [email protected] or hit us on Facebook with your finds or even your own pumpkin carvings and we’ll feature them here.