Geek Swag: Awesome Hexcell Concept Watch – Geek Mundo

I love a good watch and if I can find one that conveys a certain level of geek, I’m on it like white on rice.  Enter this amazing Hexcell concept watch designed by Peter Fletcher for Tokyoflash.  One cell tells the hour by counting the dots, while the other cells use very linear, geometric shapes to form the digital numbers in the other cells that tell the minutes.  I am so in love!

The main watch face actually consists of a single LCD display but divided into smaller hexagon shapes by a rubber like cover. In this way, user can insert small modules or cells in hexagon shaped area and compose custom time display as they like. The current model here uses extruded aluminum body with small hexagon cells.

The time is displayed in the way you like it to be. Each individual display plays important part to decorateyour watch, you can purchase the cell separately or as a kit. This means you can choose to purchase additional hexagon display for different function such as world times, date, am/pm, and many more. User can sync each hexagon display via a small cable.

I love new, futuristic, geeky takes on simple staples like watches, rings, etc.  This is a win-win for me.    What do you think?

Source: Tuvie