Geek Thoughts: Poem for Aurora Shooting Victims – Geek Mundo

Imagine That you look at your children as they get ready for the occasion, so special

Their smiles brightening the night as you put your cape on

Imagine Their excited jabber as they pile into the car

That you’re Bruce Wayne, driving mini Robin & Batgirl

Imagine Their hopping up and down as you wait in line

The incessant yells of “Evil doers beware!”

Imagine The gent whose toe you accidentally stepped on and;

The “sorry” thereafter

Imagine The rapidly consumed bucket of popcorn by tiny fingers

The sudden burning in your eyes

Imagine The loud popping noises

The wails of human sirens

Imagine The heart stopping cry from mini Batgirl

The feeling of Bruce Wayne fleeing you

Imagine As your arms, strong enough to lift your mini Robin

But not strong enough to hold his spirit

Imagine Seeing the man who you apologized to

Throw death and mayhem in his wake


That there is no Dark Knight Rising.

Posted by @DeleMage