I guess…

This movie looks positively boring. Boring and utterly contrived. Either way, it has a litany of movie stars like Halle Berry, Zac Efron, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ashton Kutcher, and Sarah Jessica Parker. It opens in theaters on December 9th.

Will you go watch ‘New Year’s Eve?’

The trailer for Joe Carnahan’s ‘The Grey’, starring Liam Neeson, has just hit the internetz. Check it out:

Open Road has released a teaser trailer for The Grey, the Joe Carnahan-directed drama in which Liam Neeson leads a team of oil drillers whose plane crashes in the Alaskan wilds — right in the middle of a territorial pack of rogue wolves.

Liam Neeson looks really good in this, and I think moviegoers may be drawn to the fact that these peopel are basically being picked off by an enemy that’s not quite visible all the time. Will you go see it?

It is scheduled for release early next year.