Victim is terrifying because it deals with the urban legend of the Slender Man (or Slenderman). The film really picks up towards the end where the protagonist is lost in the woods in the dark, with only his phone’s flashlight to guide him.

Red Balloon

This flick is great on atmospheric horror. One poor babysitter is stuck in a house with a seemingly frightened kid who is afraid of her stuffed animals. Unfortunately, it goes a hell of a lot deeper than that.


One unsuspecting girl is turning in for the night when she hears a plethora of noise coming from all over her house, when she returns to her room, her plan for a quiet night at home has been disturbed by a closet door with what looks like a mind of its own and something, or someone, watching her. *shudders* That closet door…

The Quiet

Based on the tragic true story of a hearing-impaired girl who is kidnapped, and found decapitated a few days later, The Quiet is a classic tale of innocence brutalized and lost. In fact, the worst part is not necessarily being able to hear everything your attacker is doing, but sensing it strongly.

The Babysitting

This is one of my favorites. It’s not extremely strong in the acting area, and there are some plot holes, but there’s a chase scene from the attic to the kitchen that will send chills up your spine. It’s reminiscent of Quarantine.

Tea Time

If you don’t watch any of the aforementioned short horror films, definitely make it your business to watch Tea Time.  I won’t even ruin it for you, but it’s freaking briliant.  Filmed using Super 8, it’s amazingly vintage, but terrifying, creepy and disturbing.  And it’s only three minutes long…