GeekMundo Exclusive Interview: Sina Grace

via Grace

When I reached out to Sina Grace (Li’l Depressed Boy, Burn the Orphanage) for an interview with GeekMundo, our little site that could, I didn’t expect an answer.  Call me a pessimist, okay?  But he responded, and he was super cool and very gracious… Oh, and very patient.  It took me a few days to respond because our email was acting up–the bane of my existence!–but alas, he was down to talk to me and he was kind enough to try my interview via Twitter experiment.


Let me be clear, I love Self-Obsessed, his graphic novel meets memoir.  I find it refreshing because Grace is very candid about himself and his experiences.  There’s a lot of self-reflection about everything from his sexuality to his relationships, and it’s all brought together by his art, ranging from full comic panels to little doodles and drawings throughout the novel.  There are photos of him when he was an intern at Top Cow, or shopping with a girlfriend, and it all seems so real.   Self-Obsessed is like your friend letting you read their journal because it’s very personal but never tacky.  We talk about this, whether he has any regrets 3 years after stepping down as Editorial Director at Skybound, his relationship with Image Comics, and why The Amazing Spider-Man movies didn’t really work out, among other things.