If you’re like me and you prefer to wear tees emblazoned with your fandoms proudly, check out these Transformers and Harry Potter tees.

I came up with these designs obviously because I’m inspired by some of the current clothing trends.  Honestly, I’m not a big Beatles fan (I prefer Led Zepellin), but I am a massive Transformers fan and I don’t think the Dinobots get as much love as they should.  Sure, they’re a little spoiled at times.  If you were hella awesome, you would be too!  I mean, they are the stars of Transformers 4.

We also came up with these sweet Hogwarts Black Students Union tees because Hogwarts is real.  It exists.  And it currently has a bunch of student unions.  The t-shirts for those associations are coming up shortly.

Here are some designs… There are different colors so bring it on down to Veganville  Redbubble and check out the GeekMundo store.

This weekend we watched HBO’s Martha and Mary starring Hillary Swank and Brenda Blethyn.  Let’s just say we were beyond touched.  We cried, okay?  I admit!  Either way, we were seriously touched by the overall message about the very preventable deaths due to malaria affecting children in Africa.  For every shirt you buy from the GeekMundo store on Redbubble, we will donate a dollar to Malaria No More and their efforts to prevent and eradicate malaria.  This means a lot to me because I’m Panamanian, a country that has been affected by not only malaria but dengue fever.  If you’re a history geek, read about Dr. Gorgas and the mosquitos down there.